This Swift tutorial will take around 15 minutes and will give you a quick tour of the Swift language, including variables, control flow, classes, best practices, and more.

In computing, reverse engineering is the process of understanding how things work and reusing the information to do something. This is applicable even to Android apps.

The focus of this article is how readability and maintainability is improved by replacing simple types with domain types. Consequences of introducing domain types is both a closer relationship between model and implementation, and that the domain types establishes a conceptual foundation making it easier to extend and adapt the application for future changes.

The “creative type” is a myth. Everyone is creative, including you. Research indicates that creativity and having novel ideas relies upon practice and exposing yourself to new information. So to be creative, you simply need to try to be creative and put yourself in the right environment.

The CSS 2 specification did not address the problem of how form elements should be presented to users. Because these elements are part of the UI of every Web document, the specification’s authors preferred to leave the visual layout of such elements to the default style sheet of Web browsers.

Of course we want our SQL Servers to be fast but we also want them to be highly available and ready to serve applications any time of the day, any day of the year. And we want to do these things in a cost efficient way.

So you're new to Laravel and modern PHP development? Interested in a guide, who will steer you through these new waters?

Landing pages are pages that are designed specifically to accomplish conversion goals. Occasionally, a home page functions as a landing page (though some would argue that a home page can never truly be a landing page), but in many other cases, special pages are created for specific marketing campaigns.