I’m not here to share any secret methods to being productive, but I can tell you what has kept me from being productive

20 years later, has the Anti-Mac Interface unseated the original Macintosh design principles?

We investigate the divide of opinion regarding what constitutes readable code - experience (or lack thereof) and understanding of code (and lack thereof). We show that there are multiple layers of complexity when it comes to issues of readability.

ASP.NET 5 has dependency injection available at framework level and ASP.NET 5 makes heavy use of it. Most of things surrounding controllers, views and other MVC components are implemented as services that web applications consume.

The European Union introduced laws some while ago requiring web sites to obtain consent from EU visitors to allow the use of cookies. Most larger corporate sites have implemented a policy for obtaining consent - or an "implied consent" solution, but countless smaller sites and blogs like mine have not bothered.

Programmers need a good working knowledge of at least the common mistakes, the frequent cases that average programmers tend to miss, to work against. You are tester zero. This is your responsibility.

Some scale problems should go unsolved. No. Most scale problems should go unsolved.

If you’ve ever come across a client (or 20) who refuses to pay you what you know you’re worth, you might start to think that there’s no one out there who knows the value of good design. And you’re definitely not alone – so many designers compete on price that those who want to compete on quality often feel left out.