Are you building the right features at the right time? A product manager’s job is not necessarily to know how things get built, but what and when needs to happen in the product development.

Principles behind writing highly-available fault-resilient systems.

If you are new to Riak and want to get an overview of this NoSQL database, this is the path for you. We will cover the basic using the Python API as an example. However, most of the material applies for any language.

The acronym "MEAN" stands for "MongoDB Express.js AngularJS Node.js" and represents a group of technologies which are known to synergize well together.

In previous versions of ASP.NET we were mostly on our own when it came to logging. Typically we would pull in a third party library like log4net or NLog and use that throughout our application. This worked pretty well, however it also meant that we had likely coupled our code to a particular logging framework and replacing or adding to that framework was quite difficult.

The total size of a webpage, measured in bytes, has little to do with its load time. Instead, increase network utilization: make your site preloader-friendly, minimize parser blocking, and start downloading resources ASAP with Resource Hints.

Changing people’s behavior is not about changing people, but changing the context which they are in: the smell of the place.

Summed up, the problem with user stories is that it’s too many assumptions and doesn’t acknowledge causality. When a task is put in the format of a user story ( As a [type of user], I want [some action], so that [outcome] ) there’s no room to ask ‘why’ — you’re essentially locked into a particular sequence with no context.

"We believed that redesigning this application using Swift would allow us to create a safer, more maintainable, and more testable application. Not only did we achieve those goals, but the resulting application is more responsive, nearly doubles the printing speed of our systems, and has a slew of other improvements. Unit testing is now implemented from the lowest levels to the highest in the application, catching issues that were impractical to test for before."