Google+ hit their goal of never downloading more than 60k of HTML, 60k of JavaScript and 60k of CSS at any one time!

How to design the architecture of an Angular application and not go insane in the process

Subtypes and supertypes are a common part of modern programming. Covariance and contravariance tell us where subtypes are accepted and where supertypes are accepted in place of the original type.

When you want your CSS to be reusable, how do you have several people working in git branches on different pages without writing completely separate styles?

Writing real-time audio software for general purpose operating systems requires adherence to principles that may not be obvious if you’re used to writing “normal” non real-time code.

A list of common cryptography mistakes and how to avoid them.

There are a host of benefits that visual regression testing can bring to your projects. Rapid iteration and continuous integration are increasingly the mantra of today’s developers, it only makes sense to build yourself a safety net.

Font loading is crucial for good typography

Node.js is the leading tool for creating server applications in JavaScript, the world’s most popular programming language. Offering the functionality of both a web server and an application server, Node.js is now considered a key tool for all kinds of microservices-based development and delivery.

ASP.NET MVC 6 is a ground up rewrite of the popular .NET web platform. Sweeping changes were made throughout, with even some of the most basic elements being reorganized. These changes are immediately apparent when starting a new MVC6 project, especially to developers familiar with previous versions of the framework.