Have you ever experienced a user interface that feels lifeless? Have you created a UI that just seems to be missing...something?

This article gets you up and running with Android's new build system, from the basics of what Gradle is and what it does, to an in-depth look at some of the most important Gradle files, to learning how to execute and monitor Gradle tasks.

Routing can be a very tricky issue within ASP.NET MVC and Web API applications. This can be especially true if you have a variety of different routes with varying parameters defined in such a way that a single request could satisfy multiple routes.

One of the first steps in creating any database table is deciding what kind of data will uniquely identify a given row in said table; we call this a primary key.

Great applications do not lose user's progress and app state. They automatically save the necessary data without interrupting the user and transparently restore themselves as and when necessary - e.g. after coming back from a background state or an unexpected shutdown.

It’s no longer about how awesome your developer skills are. Now it’s about bringing out the best from the people you manage, and hopefully *lead.* Your job is now about creating a high-performing team.

The incredible growth of mobile and the proliferation of mobile devices has made the UX designer’s job more challenging and interesting. It also means that user-testing mobile apps and websites is an essential component of the UX toolkit.