The purpose of a lock is to ensure that among several nodes that might try to do the same piece of work, only one actually does it (at least only one at a time). That work might be to write some data to a shared storage system, to perform some computation, to call some external API, or suchlike.

This repo seeks to be an ever-improving starting point for technical interviewees when asked the question 'Do you have any questions for us?'.

Logging and instrumentation are two perennially hot topics in software development generally, and seem to be enjoying a certain renaissance in the context of microservices particularly.

Deep learning is tricky in several respects. Not only can the math and theory quickly lead to hairballs of gradient formulas and update equations, but deep learning models are also complex and often finicky pieces of software.

Elastic Search (ES) is a powerful Full Text Search Engine based on Apache Lucene . A key characteristic of Elastic Search is that it’s distributed at it's core, meaning that you can easily scale it horizontally for the purpose of redundancy or performance.

"How can you hear my heartrate? My heart doesn't beat that loudly! And you can detect my heart rate from video? witchcraft!?". In fact you would be almost right. Several studies have shown that it is completely possible.

In light of increasing threats over the past decade coupled with heightened concern for individual privacy, industries and governments around the world have embarked on a series of initiatives designed to increase security, reduce fraud and protect personally identifiable information.

Software architecture is all about having a holistic view and seeing the bigger picture to understand how the software system works as a whole.

For a number of years now, we’ve been hit over the head time and again with “mobile first” and “mobile only”. Those of us building software since before the iPhone have hacked our brains, our processes, our companies, to ensure we start thinking “mobile first” rather than web first.

Hopefully this will give you a bit of a head-start on React, and help you avoid some of the more common mistakes.