ReactiveCocoa is a functional reactive programming (FRP) framework developed by GitHub, primarily Justin Spahr-Summers and Josh Abernathy. FRP, for its part, is a specific way of writing and architecting software that creates a malleable abstraction for timelines; RAC implements one version of it for iOS and OS X.

Sustained exhaustion is not a rite of passage. It’s a mark of stupidity. Literally. Scientists have suggested that scores on IQ tests decline on each successive day you sleep less than you naturally would. It doesn’t take long before the difference is telling.

A site that demonstrates all the data your browser knows about you. The data that is displayed can be accessed by any website without asking you for any permission.

Debounce and throttle are two similar (but different!) techniques to control how many times we allow a function to be executed over time.

C# (and any language that runs on the CLR) is a garbage-collected language, meaning that objects that have no references to them remaining will have their memory reclaimed at some point in the future. Creating too much garbage (by creating too many ephemeral objects or over-using the new keyword) can induce the garbage-collector too frequently, slowing down the entire application.

There are several places that control how much content you can send to the server and over the years this setting has changed in a number of ways. The places where it's configured is not super obvious and they can be fluid because some of these features are optionally installed IIS features.

Hosting your own NuGet Server, particularly when you're a company or even a small workgroup is a super useful thing. It's a great way to ensure that the build artifacts of each team are NuGet Packages and that other teams are consuming those packages, rather than loose DLLs.

People always complain about they can’t come up with the right solution. However good approach doesn’t come from nowhere. If you analyze the problem in the right direction, those smart answers should come to your mind naturally.

Standardise your basic user data and add it to your ClaimsPrincipal for easy access!