Because the front end developer is this central hub position and dealing with lots of different people doing lots of different jobs, the job can be done better if they are aware. Aware of everything else that makes a website tick.

This guide is not intended for use with font icons, which have different loading priorities and use cases. Also, SVG is probably a better long term choice.

TL;DR: Re-use your DOM elements and remove the ones that are far away from the viewport. Use placeholders to account for delayed data.

Capybara, aside from being the largest rodent in the world, is also a fantastic tool to aid you in interacting with browser functionality in your code, either for testing or just to interact with or scrape data from a website.

Regular expressions can be tricky to write and downright impossible to read. They can also be incredibly useful. Striking a balance between power and legibility is achievable. Here are five of the best ways I know to do it.

Your application may have the best performance possible, you will always be limited by your physical machines – even if this is no longer true in the cloud (with an unlimited budget) – Consequently you must make friends with the cache.

Starting a new project can sometimes be fun and easy, sometimes the sheer size and complexity of what’s being asked can be quite daunting. In today’s guide, I’m going to cover my rough thought process when it comes to planning out a new project.

Developers have to have a say in deadlines or you will never be able to build high quality software. This is step 1. This is the whole foundation that quality software is built on top of. You must tackle this first.