“Listen, if there isn’t something going off the rails on your team, then I know you are micro-managing them. You are really good at what you do, and if you stay in the weeds on everything, you’ll keep things going perfectly, for a while. But eventually two things will happen. One, you will burn out. And two, you will eventually start to seriously piss off your team. So I better see some things going sideways, on a fairly regular basis.”

Animating elements in your mobile applications is easy. Animating elements in your mobile applications properly may be easy, too… if you follow our tips here.

This is exactly what it looks like: enter a username - any username - and the site will give you the email address. John, Mary... troyhunt all resulted in an email address being publicly shown. This doesn't happen by accident; this is something that someone decides is a "feature".

Sites are increasingly getting smarter against scraping / data mining attempts. AngelList even detects PhantomJS (have not seen other sites do this). But if you are automating your exact actions that happen via a browser, can this be blocked?

This is the first of a multi-part series explaining the fundamentals of deep learning by long-time tech journalist Michael Copeland.

GC pauses are a popular topic, if you do a google search, you’ll see lots of articles explaining how to measure and more importantly how to reduce them. This issue is that in most runtimes that have a GC, allocating objects is a quick operation, but at some point in time the GC will need to clean up all the garbage and to do this is has to pause the entire runtime.

IApplicationLifetime is a new interface in ASP.NET Core under the Microsoft.AspNetCore.Hosting namespace. The interface is designed to give a developer the opportunity to gracefully startup but mostly shutdown the application.

Building HTML email is hard. Building responsive HTML email is even harder. But as we can see from the stats, it is imperative that your emails look good on mobile.

A lot of funny 404 pages have been shared recently: carefully crafted memes, funny GIFs, even the odd interactive game. But if the 404 doesn’t help your visitors, then what’s the point?