Selenium IDE is an add-on for Firefox that allows anyone to create macros through commands and then translate them into reproducible steps with the Selenium Firefox Driver.

This guide is designed to show you how to work with HelloSign API to send and sign documents via ASP.NET MVC. HelloSign is a service that allows you to sign documents, and can be used to legalize agreements, preparing contracts, among others.

Most systems administrators use the industry-standard Secure Shell (SSH) for accessing systems, and yet many of its special features are not widely leveraged. At Facebook, we take advantage of those features to use SSH in a way that is reliable, secure, and manageable. SSH, more specifically OpenSSH, has a great way to provide both the security and reliability we require: signed certificates with principals.

Test engineers (TEs) at Google are a dedicated group of engineers who use proven testing practices to foster excellence in our products. We orchestrate the rapid testing and releasing of products and features our users rely on.

A Standard Azure CDN by either Akamai or Verizon will generally serve as an excellent backbone for serving static HTTP content from Azure Storage.

The best user experience is the one the user doesn’t notice. It appears smooth and simple on the surface, but hundreds of crucial design decisions have been made to guide, entertain and prevent trouble.

In .NET the iterator pattern is exposed via an IEnumerator and there is some syntactic sugar so that you can create an iterator method using yield return. There is also syntactic sugar surrounding the consumption of iterators via foreach. This almost completely hides the complexities of IEnumerator implementations.