I hope these tips help you out with maximizing your ASP.NET MVC development efforts.

This particular feature was introduced in SQL Server 2008, so what you will see in this blog post applies to every version of SQL Server after SQL Server 2008.

This post is going to cover taking a project that is using Bundler & Minifier and change it to use gulp instead.

Cassandra isn’t a relational database management system, but it has some features that make it look a bit like one.

With the Mobile Apps feature of Azure App Service, it is easy to rapidly build cross-platform and native apps for iOS, Android, Windows or Mac. Store app data on cloud or on local device, authenticate users, send push notifications or add your custom backend logic in C#.

AngularJS turned the front-end development world upside down when it was released, bringing together a number of new or recent web application development practices into a powerful and easy-to-use framework. With version 2, the Angular team has started from scratch with a completely new system. Many of the ideas behind Angular are still the same, but the API and developer experience are very different.

In ASP.NET 4.5 the encryption of ViewState received a significant rewrite that addressed this issue and effectively makes ViewState very secure.

DateTime is a widely used .NET type. A lot of developers use it all the time, but not all of them really know how it works.

Somehow, the topic of gamma is just under most computer users’ radar (including programmers writing commercial graphics software!), to the extent that most graphics libraries, image viewers, photo editors and drawing software of today still don’t get gamma right and produce incorrect results.