Commit to excellence. Follow through with pro-active practices. This is how you gain the trust of your employer/customer and the respect of your peers. In short, be a mentor before you have a student, because you're expected to lead by example, and the junior programmers will look to you for guidance.

The Android operating system enables developers to create complex applications that take advantage of background services, alarm scheduling, and data synchronization. With users downloading more apps than ever, it’s important that these mass amounts of apps don’t slow down and drain the users batteries, which is why Google introduced Doze in Android Marshmallow and expanded it’s reach in Android Nougat.

Kestrel is the new cross platform .NET web server (based on libuv) which runs on Linux, Mac and Windows 10 and will, eventually, run on Raspberry Pi. One the outstanding improvements is the sheer speed. According to some measure it is about 20 times faster than ASP.NET running on IIS.

When a programme is run it is instantiated in memory, taking up system resources such as memory for data structures, file descriptors and providing at least one thread of execution which defines the current state and subsequent required operations for the process. The current executing program, or process, has total use of the microprocessor while in it's run state. A process will use files within the filesystems and may access the physical devices in the system either directly or indirectly.

For products to succeed, technology and business have to be aligned on goals and a product roadmap. Business folks need to feel empowered, to expect the technology built will not only support product features but match business needs and style. On the other side, technical folks should think beyond the code needed to provide a feature and understand that business operations should heavily influence a product’s architecture.

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When you are writing JavaScript, callbacks are one of the most confusing concepts. Promises are the new approach to improve working with async code.

There's a strange dichotomy that college doesn't prepare computer science majors for: knowing how to program is a huge benefit if you want to create something new and useful, but as a programmer you're often viewed as the implementer of someone else's vision--as just the programmer--and have limited say in crafting the application as a whole.