You have never been paid to write code. In fact, code is a nasty byproduct of being a software engineer.

CSS takes literally no skill to code. And that is absolutely true, styling one element at a global level with no other CSS to worry about is easy.

How can we design systems when we don't know what we're doing?

When you’re browsing sites like Netflix or Amazon, you get recommendations on what to watch or buy next. This is actually a big deal, and companies offer huge prizes to make these algorithms better.

If you place your information on a publicly facing resource, should it then be a free-for-all for anyone to do whatever they want with? I mean it's now public domain data, right?

All passwords should be hashed before entering a database because you have to consider the scenario where some malicious user attempts to gain entry into your data. Passwords are sensitive pieces of information that you don't want people to see.

Post Snowden, and particularly after the result of the last election in the US, it's clear that everything on the web should be encrypted by default.

A component is a main building block of an Angular 2 application, and an application may have any number of components. We can consider a component a particular view of the application with its own logic and data.