Here are some talks which have given me new insight into programming, and in particular what good programming is and isn’t.

If you’re not sure what dimensions to use for your Facebook Cover Photo (828 x 315), or Instagram Profile Picture (110 x 110), or YouTube Featured Image (1280 x 760), this infographic puts all that info in one place!

It’s in our mission statement: empower every person on the planet to achieve more. Designing for inclusivity opens up our experiences and reflects how people adapt to the world around them.

Every bit of functionality you build into your app can be built as a component that can take inputs, provide outputs and be rendered at multiple places in your app.

One of the common misconceptions in the web world is that RxJS is an “Angular 2 thing”. What most developers don’t realize is that Observables are on their way to becoming native to the web, and if you aren’t already using them to handle asynchrony, you are not adequately preparing yourself for the future.

Temporal tables (not to be confused with temporary tables) were introduced in SQL Server 2016, and have also been made available in Azure SQL Databases. Basically, this feature adds automatic history tracking and supports new T-SQL query syntax for historical querying. Note that the full name of this feature is “System-versioned temporal tables”, but for brevity we will just call them temporal tables.

Bootstrap has become the world’s favorite framework for building responsive web-projects. With the Bootstrap 4 Beta release just around the corner, it is time to take a more detailed look at what the project has to offer, what has changed and what one can expect when migrating over from Bootstrap 3.