The true power of Slack goes beyond communication. Slack can be extended with integrations to other systems. Being able to perform most daily tasks from within your team’s primary communication channel greatly increases productivity.

While the official WordPress repository has more than 45,000 plugins from you to choose from, many of these plugins miss the mark. Just because a plugin is in the repository doesn’t mean it won’t hinder its performance or compromise its security. So what can you do? Well, you can build your own.

The value your site has to attackers is not just the data, it's the reputation. It doesn't even need to be a good reputation in terms of it being a well-established site with lots of inbound links, it simply needs to be a site that doesn't have a bad one.

As a platform, Android devices are now multilingual “out of the box.” In theory, you can target practically any country, region, or culture in the world with your app. However, your developer conscience is already whispering to you that diving in just anyhow to make versions for every local language under the sun might not be such a bright idea. But with the right approach to app localization, the world is your oyster.

With new SQL server, you can have the best of both worlds. In your data models, you can choose when to use traditional structures and when to introduce NoSQL concepts.

Azure Cognitive Services is a set of APIs, which offer lots of different possibilities in regards to Natural Language Processing (NLP) and text/media mining in general – such as extracting keywords and topics from unstructured documents, or detecting emotion.

In this blog post, we will discuss an Azure Service called Azure Functions and how we can use them within a Logic App. Azure Functions has gone GA (General Available) on 15th of November 2016 and provides a capability of running small pieces of code in Azure.