If you are writing a web app — a great web app, a fantastic web app, THE BEST EVER WEB APP — you do not need a container orchestrator. You need a PaaS. You do not need 5 different ways to deal with rolling out new versions of your app. You do NOT need to be able to configure and tweak your database. Do not manage your own database!

Of the many, many, many bad things about passwords, you know what the worst is? Password rules.

Polyglot programming is sold with the promise that letting developers choose their own tools with complete freedom will make them more effective at solving problems. This is a naive definition of the problems at best, and motivated reasoning at worst. The weight of day-to-day operational toil this creates crushes you to death.

Ninety percent of Americans have used a credit card, but far fewer understand the underlying systems enabling their payments. So let’s dive in to see what happens when you swipe your card!

Whether it was Amazon’s S3 service failure, which took down thousands of sites, Cloudflare’s “Cloudbleed” security issue, which forced many sites to ask users to reset their passwords, or Google Wifi’s accidental reset, which wiped out customer’s internet profiles, the infrastructure behind the internet has looked substantially more unstable recently.

Here’s how to get all setup with AAD access tokens in Postman

You’re building your first SQL Servers in Google Compute Engine, and you’re stuck at the create instance screen. How many CPUs should you use? How much memory? How are you supposed to configure storage? Will it be fast enough, and what should you do if it isn’t?

In this class, you will learn basic skills and concepts of Software Testing. Lessons are taught using REAL-LIFE SCENARIOS for improved learning.