Unit testing is of course not just an issue in object-oriented programming, but the combination of object-orientation, agile software development, and a rise in tools and computing power has made it de rigueur.

Fragments, like all the other android components, are simply composable entry points into an application. In fact, they are the same as Activities in terms of abstraction. The smaller and smarter we write Fragments, the less they are impacted by their surroundings.

It looks like Facebook is getting the textbook results of ignoring code quality.

If you want to get a job as a software witch, you’re going to have to pass a whiteboard interview. First, we need a linked list. Clear your workspace of unwanted xterms, sprinkle salt into the protective form of two parentheses, and recurse.

Long ago, on Svalbard, when you were a young witch of forty-three, your mother took your unscarred wrists in her hands, and spoke: "Vidrun, born of the sea-wind through the spruce / Vidrun, green-tinged offshoot of my bough, joy and burden of my life / Vidrun, fierce and clever, may our clan’s wisdom be yours: Never read Hacker News"

In the formless days, long before the rise of the Church, all spells were woven of pure causality, all actions were permitted, and death was common. Many witches were disfigured by their magicks, found crumpled at the center of a circle of twisted, glass-eaten trees, and stones which burned unceasing in the pooling water; some disappeared entirely, or wandered along the ridgetops: feet never touching earth, breath never warming air.

After more than a year of research and development, Netflix recently upgraded their infrastructure to provide HTTPS encryption of video streams in order to protect the privacy of their viewers. Despite this upgrade, we demonstrate that it is possible to accurately identify Netflix videos from passive traffic capture in real-time with very limited hardware requirements. Specifically, we developed a system that can report the Netflix video being delivered by a TCP connection using only the information provided by TCP/IP headers.

When you send an SMS message but your phone doesn’t have great signal it will continue to try to send the message in the background, even if you close the app. Pretty useful right? In this post we’re going to see how to replicate this behaviour in a web application using the Background Sync API from the Service Worker.