The Actor Model is meant to simplify the notoriously difficult world of concurrent programming.

In this tutorial, you'll be learning about the CocoaPods dependency manager and how to implement it in your app. We'll go through the steps from creating an Xcode project all the way to importing frameworks. Along the way, we will learn about some basic Terminal commands and what they do.

Kotlin is 100% interoperable with Java. In other words, it can be used together with Java in the same project. So you can refactor parts of your Java code to Kotlin and it won't break. In addition to that, it is concise, expressive, and has great tooling.

Systems powered by deep learning algorithms should be safe from human interference, right? How is a hacker going to get past a neural network trained on terabytes of data?

Diving into the world of Hash Tables and understanding the underlying mechanics is extremely interesting, and very rewarding. So lets get into it and get started from the beginning.

A dive into the mechanics that allow Postgres to provide strong atomic guarantees despite the chaotic entropy of production.

"You could argue that we chose bad libraries, and we should have picked better. But part of the problem with the Node ecosystem is it's hard to distinguish good libraries from bad."