Reverse engineering the Apple iPhone X website to learn how their slick “X” landing page is made. By combining a couple of effects it makes for a very powerful end result.

Most so-called "DNS attacks" are not DNS attacks at all, meaning they don't exploit a weakness in the DNS protocol. Most of the time, they are attacks against the provisioning infrastructure, the set of actors and servers that domain name holders (such as WikiLeaks for use to provision the data.

When properly configured, the protections between a user and a CloudFlare-secured site can be an effective way of shielding the true IP addresses of an organization’s internet-facing assets and therefore protect them with CloudFlare’s filtering capabilities.

JavaScript is synchronous, meaning that it will execute your code block by order (after hoisting*) unless you need to use a timer or request which are asynchronous meaning that they will be waiting for a timer to finish or a request to respond while the rest of the code executes and, when they are ready, a function is called to handle their response (callback).

Retrospectives and reflections allow you to codify what you’ve learned from experience, to document mistakes and avoid future ones, and to increase your potential to grow in the future.

Security researchers in China have invented a clever way of activating voice recognition systems without speaking a word. By using high frequencies inaudible to humans but which register on electronic microphones, they were able to issue commands to every major “intelligent assistant” that were silent to every listener but the target device.

Companies use AMP to ensure their articles appear in the carousel that appears on Google’s search results, a carousel that only displays content published with AMP’s proprietary format—which then, in turn, drives more traffic to publishers’ content. (At least, theoretically.)

Interviewing for technical positions is, in many ways, a balancing act. You look at past, present, and future; you look at soft skills and hard skills; you have to think as both a buyer and a seller; you even have to worry about company image and reputation management. There are some basic things you can do to keep that balance and best represent your company.