Uber maintains GPS coordinate tracking data for tens of millions of people in the U.S. and abroad, so the security of their information assets is almost a matter of public interest.

The MSDN documentation of the (hypothetical) GetFrobnicationInterval would explain that it returns the interval at which the object frobnicates. It will also state that the method will throw an InvalidOperationException if the frobnication interval cannot be retrieved. You will also find two "community comments", one of which will contain line noise and the other will inquire about what frobnication is at room temperature in broken English.

the guarantees that we expect are much stronger than a correct protocol, handshake, or compiler optimization. We need the entire system to be reliable, and we need proof effort to be minimal for widespread adoption to be feasible. The bottom line is that formal methods will languish in academic circles, unable to bridge the gap with the real, nonsensical world, for a long time to come.

Vue.js components are important to understand as you work with Vue.js. In this tutorial we are going to dig into Vue.js components, understanding the basics and applying them to an application.

Hybridizer is a compiler from Altimesh that lets you program GPUs and other accelerators from C# code or .NET Assembly. Using decorated symbols to express parallelism, Hybridizer generates source code or binaries optimized for multicore CPUs and GPUs.

This is intended as a general guide for non-experts trying to gain an understanding of full-text search. I’ve tried to cover the important concepts we had to learn, implement, re-implement and endlessly explain during our short project.

As a KnockoutJS developer, let’s go through some of the most familiar aspects of the framework and see how it translates to VueJS.

ASP.NET Core Identity is a membership system which allows you to add login functionality to your application. Users can create an account and login with a user name and password or they can use an external login provider such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft Account, Twitter or others.

Two key elements of .NET Core's design are its modularity and lightweight nature. These properties make it ideal for building containerized microservice applications. In this post, we'll see how to combine ASP.NET Core and Docker using a cross-platform approach to build, debug and deploy a microservices-based proof-of-concept using Visual Studio Code, .NET Core CLI and Docker CLI.

The reverse engineering of your database takes the form of scaffolding a context class and all the entity (or POCO classes) classes. Scaffolding just means code generation. It will generate the class files for you in the project.