The language of DNA is digital, but not binary. Where binary encoding has 0 and 1 to work with (2 - hence the 'bi'nary), DNA has 4 positions, T, C, G and A.

Using Google Clips to understand how a human-centered design process elevates artificial intelligence

On the heels of news about concerns regarding the use of certain fitness technologies that could reveal confidential military troop and base locations, comes an entirely different spectrum of issues to consider before allowing for public or partner consumption of your APIs.

You can cut the implementation corners and come back later. If the code is too far gone, it can even be ditched wholesale and replaced — so long as those boxes end where they are supposed to. A bad architecture has overlapping boxes and they can’t be removed or modified without breaking lots of things.

The Windows team had a history of trying massive projects that were often abandoned or repurposed after a few years.

It makes all the more sense to identify and examine possible data protection problems when designing new technology and to incorporate privacy protection into the overall design, instead of having to come up with laborious and time-consuming “patches” later on.

Redis is a powerful in-memory data structure store which has many uses including a database, a cache, and a message broker. Most people often think of it a simple key-value store, but it has so much more power.