There are projects that no one wants to work at. There could be many reasons for that. Being aware of these problems is the first step to start fixing them. And most importantly, by being aware of these problems we can start from day one implementing processes that prevent these kind of things from happening.

A collection of (mostly) technical things every data scientist should know.

When you spend time looking at a lot of microservices, across many different organizations, you really begin to get a feel for the ones who have owners / stewards that are thinking about the bigger picture. When people are just focused on what the service does, and not actually how the service will be used, the Github repos tend to be cryptic, out of sync, and don’t really tell a story about what is happening.

In Java, a common way to define an object with optional constructor parameters is to use telescoping constructor pattern. When we use telescoping constructor pattern, we define a separate constructor for every set or arguments that we can use.

A key aspect of Minecraft that players love is the ability to play with family and friends on nearly any platform they choose. Offering this breadth of choice to hundreds of millions of players worldwide is a substantial engineering challenge. In addition to the original version in Java on Windows and macOS, we’ve added cross-platform functionality with the C++ codebase using the Bedrock Engine, which runs on multiple form factors and OSes, including mobile (iOS, Android and Windows Mobile), consoles (Xbox and Switch), set top boxes (Fire TV and Apple TV), AR/VR platforms (GearVR, Oculus Rift and HoloLens), and desktops (MacOS and Windows).

We will build our own handwritten text recognition model, convert it to a CoreML model and use it in a native iOS app to detect handwritten numbers — OFFLINE!