A computer systems migration at Britain’s TSB bank that left up to 1.9 million customers unable to access their accounts was hindered by rushed and inadequate testing and poor internal communication, two contractors who worked on the project said.

We look at using map, filter, and reduce to manipulate arrays of objects, using techniques borrowed from functional programming.

What exactly is a “JVM language”, what is Kotlin? Isn’t only Java meant to run on the JVM? Kotlin provides many features that aren’t available in Java such as proper function types, extension functions and data classes. How is this even possible?

This article focuses on best practices regarding the automated deployment of resources to Azure. We have implemented Continuous Deployment (CD) pipelines including the provisioning of Azure resources for many customers, and we would like to share our experience so you can benefit from it. These practices will help you create more reliable, testable, reusable, and maintainable templates.

Documenting your code is important. It tells other developers what the code does, why it is constructed in a certain way, and how to use it. Good documentation saves them time when they are trying to perform a certain task that isn’t straightforward. It will probably also save you time because the human brain can only store so much information. Even your own code will confuse you at some point in the future.

Is an IoC container or dependency injection framework a good thing or not? Well, I think that is a stupid question. Any tool has its merits. Just use it with responsibility. But do you need it?