Byte-for-byte, JavaScript is still the most expensive resource we send to mobile phones, because it can delay interactivity in large ways.

Webpack can be considered as a specialized task runner which optimally processes input files into output files.

This guide has everything you need to know about agile metrics. It will cover every possible metrics you would possibly want to use, and tell you what they mean, when you should use them, how you should use them, and when you shouldn’t use them.

In software terminology, multitenancy is an architectural pattern which allows you to isolate customers even if they are using the same hardware or software components. Multitenancy has become even more attractive with the widespread adoption of cloud computing.

Looking inward at an IoC framework, we see that it does indeed keep its own type coupling to a minimum and that it writes testable code and then tests that code.

The official C# extension allowed developers to use Visual Studio Code from the beginning as a light-weight editor for .NET Core projects. With many other extensions created by members of the community, .NET Core development has become easier and enjoyable. In this article, I will inspect some of these extensions and help you configure Visual Studio Code to make these extensions work together.