Nowadays, people tend to search for things that are nearby. Search phrases include the words “near me”. This basically means, that people, for example, search for restaurants that are close to their current location. According to Google on-demand searches are actually one of the most common searches.

Merchandising stills are static video frames taken directly from the source video content used to broaden the reach of a title on the Netflix service. Within a single one-hour episode of Stranger Things, there are nearly 86,000 static video frames.

Can database-style sharding improve the performance of a multi-threaded C# application? This tutorial talks about the performance bottlenecks in sophisticated C# concurrency operations and how sharding can solve these issues.

Azure Durable Functions is a new programming model based on Microsoft serverless’ platform Azure Functions. It allows you to write a workflow as code and have the execution run with the scalability and the reliability of serverless with high throughput.

Part of building something great is building it to last. No one builds a home for a season, and the same is true for your Engineering team. Retaining your team for the long haul is no easy task, but it is imperative that as a leader it is a priority. Let’s take a look at a few things you can do to retain your excellent Engineering team.

Alexa enables customers to interact with technology in the most natural and intuitive way—with their voice. Today, developers can build voice-driven Alexa capabilities, called skills, to engage and delight their customers. Using the Alexa Skills Kit, which is a collection of tools and templates, anyone can leverage Amazon's pioneering work in conversational artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language understanding to build voice experiences faster and easier.