Because user data was not adequately secured, Knuddels was fined five digits. The responsible data protection officer still has praise for the chat platform.

Bayesian Statistics or Probabilistic Programming really come into their own in situations where you have small data (or more importantly smallish data for various categories), domain knowledge and/or a need for interpretability.

Cranking up the performance rate of our apps is what we crave. Memoization is one of the techniques in JavaScript to speed up the lookup of expensive operations by caching the results and re-using the cache in the next operation.

Azure Service Bus is a raw messaging platform, there is no user interface to explore and visualize the features in action (apart from the basic interface provided by Azure Portal). Often times a simple property setting will have a huge functionality enabled, which otherwise would have required substantial engineering investment from end users.

For my first outing with Terraform I decided to create an Azure DevOps Services self-hosted agent capable of running Docker multi-stage builds. Why a self-hosted agent rather than a Microsoft-hosted agent? The main reason is speed: a self-hosted agent is there when you need it and doesn't need the spin-up time of a Microsoft-hosted agent, plus a self-hosted agent can cache Docker images for re-use as opposed to a Microsoft-hosted agent which needs to download images every time they are used.

Learn how to build an Offline-First application in Vue with Hoodie and Workbox. You will learn about Offline-First, Service Workers, and a few caching strategies.