I hope that this post is useful to a variety of security people: not just engineers, but also UX designers and researchers, project/product/program managers, people and business managers, and operations. In any case, all paths to success require the help of all those kinds of people. This post is even more of a link-fest than usual; I hope that’s useful.

A post on performance should have minimal overhead and get straight to the point, so this post focuses on tips to help you and things to look out for.

What one piece of advice would you give to a new developer learning to code? Today, I list 10 important lessons for new developers.

The security of your application should be treated just like your code, in that, you should actually test it out.

Two front-end developers are sitting at a bar. They have nothing to talk about.

We seek ever more data for a good reason: it’s the commodity that fuels digital innovation. However, turning those huge data collections into actionable insight remains a difficult proposition. Organizations that find solutions to formidable data challenges will be better positioned to economically benefit from the fruits of digital innovation.