Machine Learning (ML) has some hefty gravitational force in the Software development world at the moment. But what exactly is it?

This article is the second entry in a series about the "3D cards of the late 90s running Quake".

Ok, so yes: this is another “don’t cargo cult” article. But wait! I have a helpful checklist for you, one you can use to make better decisions.

It seems rather obvious that some developers are much better at their job than others. After all, we know that some football players are better than others and we also know that some doctors are better than others, so why shouldn’t this be true for developers as well?

In this series, I will cover an assortment of testing tools that should be in every developer’s toolbox, and go over when, why, and how to use them.

Programming is problem solving. There is no other innate talent and/or learned skill more important to the profession of Programmer (or Software Engineer, or Application Developer, etc., etc., etc.). As a Programmer you must learn to look at a problem and break it down into it’s components. You must identify the constraints and other requirements. You must dig into the requirements and understand them.

Even unpredictable weather is being forecasted. But after all these technological advancements, are we able to forecast our application performance & availability? Are we able forecast even for the next 20 minutes? Will you be able to say that in the next 20 minutes application is going to experience OutOfMemoryError, CPU spikes, crashes? Most likely not.