12 Principles for Surviving and Thriving at Work, Home and School

SQL Server has NEVER put an index on a foreign key column… Indexes are used to make the lookup (in a primary or unique key) for a duplicate value FAST.

Every time when I write code, I remember that my customer (and the users of the application) trust me. They expect that the application provides correct information to them. They expect that the information entered to the application is safe, and it cannot be accessed by unauthorized persons.

When we talk about process improvement, we are talking about making work practices more efficient, in other words, how can we increase their value in relationship to their cost?

Promises capture the notion of an eventual value into an object.

Programming language based on the one-liners of Arnold Schwarzenegger

We have suffered through countless consultants and hours of meetings. Through this we discovered that Agile is simply the obfuscation of common sense – the bewitchment of the mind through language.

Think contracts and code live in separate universes? Think again. They’re more similar than you think. In fact, drafting a contract is a lot like writing code.

The .NET community is not widely controversial, though there is a strong topic that appears to come up time and time again when I pair with other developers - how to use var in C#.

Here's a couple of quick settings you can change to make yourself feel much more at home in the Xamarin IDE.