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Decorators are a core concept when developing with Angular 2 and above. There’s also an official TC39 proposal, currently at Stage-2, so expect decorators to become a core language feature soon in JavaScript as well.

Being immersed in the JavaScript frameworks world can be intimidating. Today, I will try to demystify a few concepts and perhaps at the same time answer some questions that someone starting with Angular2 will most probably have. The framework is mature enough at this point in time to be able share some of the basics, but useful, things that one should have in mind when using it.

The ng-repeat directive in Angular 1.x allows us to iterate over a collection of data and print out DOM nodes that respond to that data. If the data changes, the DOM changes as well. In this guide we'll be converting an Angular 1.x ng-repeat directive across to Angular 2's ngFor directive.

Dependency injection is an important application design pattern. Angular has its own dependency injection framework, and you really can’t build an Angular application without it.

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