API design is the process of determining and exposing a set of consistent method signatures, return values, and documentation intended for use by other developers to allow programmatic access to data.

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43 Things To Think About When Designing, Testing, and Releasing your API

Good API design is hard! An API represents a contract between you and those who Consume your data. Breaking this contract will result in many angry emails, and a slew of sad users with mobile apps which no longer work. Documentation is half the battle, and it is very difficult to find programmer who also likes to write.

Building a rich and professional API is not that hard but there are a lot of things you should consider right from the beginning. These are some of the most important concepts and best practices we learned while developing our API v2 with Rails.

The structure of a modern web application nowadays consists of one or more APIs and one or more different type of clients that consume those APIs.

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