The App Store is Apple's online digital distribution store for applications. It is a repository of apps which run on iOS mobile devices, as well as desktop Mac OS environments. Questions tagged [app-store] are related to performing programmatic interactions with the App Store (such as listing apps or renewing licensing). Questions related to App Store rejections or other customer support are off-topic.

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Marketing is just as important as the development of your product. Marketing your application helps build an audience, which in turn gives you the opportunity to generate revenue.

"A change was made. We can’t tell you what the change was, because that’s disallowed by Section 2.3 of the Program License Agreement. But we can’t _not_ tell you what it was, because that’s disallowed by Section 2.3 of the App Store Review Guidelines. This leaves the app in a state of quantum indeterminacy, and the waveform can only collapse when someone doing App Store reviews stops observing it."