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One of the many areas which has been revamped completely with ASP.​NET 5 is the localization infrastructure. Anže Vodovnik takes a look at how you localize Razor views in ASP.​NET 5 and MVC 6.

Since ASP.NET 4.5 in 2012, developers have had access to a pair of tools in their ASP.NET toolbox called “bundling and minification”. This feature would direct the webserver to combine together CSS or JavaScript files into one extra-large file and then apply a minification algorithm to shrink the size of the file for delivery. In ASP.NET 5 however, this feature is no longer available.

In previous versions of ASP.NET we were mostly on our own when it came to logging. Typically we would pull in a third party library like log4net or NLog and use that throughout our application. This worked pretty well, however it also meant that we had likely coupled our code to a particular logging framework and replacing or adding to that framework was quite difficult.