Web application hosting on the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform. Azure App Service Web Apps (formerly known as Azure Web Sites) allow users to concentrate on just Application and Data; leaving the rest of the layers like platform, run-time, firewall, etc. to Azure. Azure Web Sites also have a portal to manually scale instance count, deploy from TFS, GIT, etc. Currently it supports several programming languages - .NET, PHP, Java, Python and Node.js.

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These practices will help you make optimal use of the infrastructure offered Windows Azure websites and provide a high performing, reliable website for your end-users.

If you like getting up-close and personal with managing your computing resources, you’ll be happy to know that your Windows Azure Website comes with some useful online tools that let you do some really cool things with it. These tools are part of your site’s Kudu dashboard (also known as the SCM dashboard) and today we’ll see what these tools are.

A/B Testing is not a new concept, and it’s conceptually straightforward – however implementing it effectively in your own websites can be very difficult without specialised tooling. However if you’re hosting your sites on Microsoft Azure Websites, it’s incredibly easy to set this up. At the time of writing (November 2014), Azure Websites Testing in Production is fully implemented in the New Portal, but documentation is very limited – hence my decision to create this article.

Azure Websites provide a mechanism to store our secret keys in Azure and Azure will take care of inserting them into the running application.

Let's Encrypt is a new certificate authority backed by some of the internet's biggest players. It eliminates the complex process of manual certificate creation, validation, signing, installation and even renewal by instead leveraging an automated DevOps style approach.

Here's a few of the things that I'm continuously amazed are included for free with App Service.

It is sometimes nice to do everything from the command line.