A data structure is a way of organizing data in a fashion that allows particular properties of that data to be queried and/or updated efficiently.

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Visualising data structures and algorithms through animation

The Bloom filter is a space efficient, probabilistic data structure, designed to test the membership of elements to a set. The trade-off for being a space efficient data structure is it may return false positives, but always returns definite negatives.

So who wants to work at Google, Facebook, or maybe LinkedIn? Beyond their grueling interview process, one thing all these companies have in common is their heavy reliance on the graph data structure.

The linked list data structure is one of the fundamental data structures in computer science. Think of the linked list data structure as your ABCs. Without learning the ABCs, it is difficult to conceptualize words, which are made up by stringing alphabetical characters together.

When we are developing software, we have to store data in memory. Depending on how you want to manipulate the data, you might choose a data structure over another. There are many types of data types such as arrays, maps, sets, lists, trees, graphs, etc. Choosing the right data structure for a task can be tricky. So, this post will help you know the trade-offs so you can always use the right tool for the job.

This post will explain exactly what a sparse Merkle tree is, why they’re cool, and what they’re currently being used for.