Database design is the process of specifying the structure and thus the logical aspects of a database. The goal of database design is to make a representation of some "universe of discourse" - the types of facts, business rules and other requirements that the database is intended to model.

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A lot of the complexities involved in actually building a database engine aren’t related to the core features that you want to have. They are related to what looks like peripheral concerns. Backup / restore is an excellent example of that.

Why I think that in almost all cases, you should implement a “database first” design in your application’s data models, rather than a “Java first” design (or whatever your client language is), the latter approach leading to a long road of pain and suffering, once your project grows.

When I work with clients to build software, I take the usual steps of understanding their needs, gathering requirements, learning about their customers, and so on. At this point I have a model on paper of roughly what the software is intended to do, so they get surprised when I immediately turn to database design.