Questions about database performance and tuning, ranging from files organization and configuration to benchmarking and system optimization, passing through management systems and the fastest ways to operate a database.

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In this blog we will look at the Extended Event query_post_execution_showplan (similar to Showplan XML Statistics Profile) in SQL Server 2012 which has an interesting addition of cpu_time and duration for filtering.

There are 3 big “enemies” of database performance that occur all too frequently. While most of us are familiar with these issues in the traditional RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) arena, they can happen just as easily with a poor data model design or incorrect approach using NoSQL, “NewSQL” or virtually any type of database storage engine.

The true essence of the “Dynamic SQL is Slow” myth is rather simple; dynamic SQL can be slow—when done wrong. The problem is that dynamic SQL is often used for the wrong reason, sometimes even without knowing.