Debugging is a methodical process of finding and fixing bugs in a computer program. **IMPORTANT NOTE:** This tag is ONLY for questions about debugging techniques or the process of debugging itself, NOT for requesting help debugging your code.

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Have you ever been frustrated by slow debugging in Visual Studio? There are a lot of complex knobs that can affect the performance of any given application.

Learn every tool that's available to use, use them as you need them, enjoy bug bustin' - it's certainly more fun pounding the keyboard and working on a 6 month feature drive.

In the digital era, computer bugs can affect our lives, the economy of a nation and even the well-functioning of society in general. As the internet of things gradually invades all aspects of our environment, the importance of identifying and preventing computer bugs grows exponentially.

Whether you’re building a new mobile app or a hobby piece, time is usually pretty precious – it certainly helps to have a few extra tips in the bag when it comes to knowing how to debug JavaScript properly…

The most interesting type of bugs do not occur during regression testing but when real people use the software.

I think I spend more time debugging code than writing code, designing software architecture, trying to reproduce bugs and even going to meetings! Debugging is the biggest time consumer we have as developers.