Google Analytics is a free web analytics solution provided by Google, featuring several client-side APIs, as well as REST APIs for data export and for management.

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Mobile first! Responsive design! You’ve heard all of the buzzwords and catchphrases. Countless helpful and not-so-helpful articles proclaim the rise of mobile, but what practical steps can you take to make your brand more approachable for mobile users?

Google Analytics (GA) is traditionally used to track customer use and engagement on a website, but it can also be used to track the opens of an email.

Putting on your analyst hat, conducting analysis of your site or app, and fleshing out recommendations is just the beginning of making data-driven decisions. Once you’re in a groove with optimizations, the next step is to put data to work for you, to improve the customer experience and increase conversions while you sleep.

Google Analytics is a powerful yet quite complicated tool. And unfortunately, the truth is most people who use it don’t reap its full benefits.