A linked list is a data structure in which the elements contain references to the next (and optionally the previous) element. Linked lists offer O(1) insert after and removal of any element with known memory location, O(1) list concatenation, and O(1) access at the front (and optionally back) positions as well as O(1) next element access. Random access and random index insertion/removal have O(n) complexity and are usually unimplemented.

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What does a loop entitle? It means that at the very end, the last node does not point to a null pointer as the next node, but instead it points to a previous node, so you keep looping through a number of nodes.

The linked list data structure is one of the fundamental data structures in computer science. Think of the linked list data structure as your ABCs. Without learning the ABCs, it is difficult to conceptualize words, which are made up by stringing alphabetical characters together.