Software metrics are quantitative data related to software.

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Slow is relative. Slow is not a metric. In order to effectively measure our systems, we need metrics.This is why baselines for our systems are so essential.

It’s hard to quantify the customer experience. “Simpler and faster for users” is a tough sell when the value of our work doesn’t make sense to management. We have to prove we’re delivering real value—increased the success rate, or reduced time-on-task, for example—to get their attention. Management understands metrics that link with other organizational metrics, such as lost revenue, support calls, or repeat visits. So, we need to describe our environment with metrics of our own.

The metric we all use for CPU utilization is deeply misleading, and getting worse every year. What is CPU utilization? How busy your processors are? No, that's not what it measures.

It’s time to break our addiction to metrics — starting with employee engagement.