Object-relational mapping (ORM) is a technique for mapping object-oriented systems to relational databases.

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This article is dedicated to discussing the latest releases of the NHibernate and Entity Framework. NHibernate is (was?) a number one ORM Framework for ages. Its feature list is growing and some things such as code-based mappings and automatic migrations have found a place in Entity Framework. Moreover, it is now open-source, so they are now accepting pull requests as well.

ORMs can be used to nicely augment working with SQL in a program, but they should not replace it

It often happens that if something is loved, it is also hated with the same power. The idea of object relational mapping fits into this concept perfectly. You will definitely come across many opposite points and fierce discussions as well as unwavering advocates and haters. So if you have ever asked whether to use ORM or not, the answer “it depends” will not be enough.

Dapper is the Open source ORM which is used to map Microsoft platform .NET classes to database as wel as it also supports complex and advanced database related operations.

In this post, we’ll consider several reasons why you should avoid using ORM (Object Relational Mapping) in your project. While the concepts discussed in this post are applicable to every language and platform, the code examples will be written in Node.js-flavored JavaScript and we will be considering packages obtained from the npm repository.