Swift is a general-purpose, open-source programming language developed by Apple Inc.

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In this article, we zoom in on collections. Swift's standard library defines two collection types, arrays and dictionaries. Let's start with arrays.

It's important to understand that the APIs of the iOS SDK are written in Objective-C. Swift was designed to be compatible with these APIs. Based on past failures, Apple understood that Swift needed to be able to hook into the iOS SDK without having to rewrite every single API in Swift.

This Swift tutorial will take around 15 minutes and will give you a quick tour of the Swift language, including variables, control flow, classes, best practices, and more.

Swift Education is a collection of resources to assist educators in bringing Swift into the classroom.

"We believed that redesigning this application using Swift would allow us to create a safer, more maintainable, and more testable application. Not only did we achieve those goals, but the resulting application is more responsive, nearly doubles the printing speed of our systems, and has a slew of other improvements. Unit testing is now implemented from the lowest levels to the highest in the application, catching issues that were impractical to test for before."

Swift doesn’t have the notion of abstract classes like C# does. However, it does now have an amazingly powerful feature called protocol extensions.

Swinject is a lightweight dependency injection framework written in Swift to use with Swift. The framework APIs are easy to learn and use because of the generic type and first class function features of Swift.

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Custom controls are nothing more than controls that you have created yourself; that is, controls that do not come with the UIKit framework.

If you have a pretty complex Objective C codebase where you’re looking to introduce Swift code, then this article will show you how we did it, step by step.

So today, we’ll attempt to level up your Swift fundamentals game by refactoring a method using some Swift trickery. In short — we’ll get cute.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to create a SpriteKit game from beginning to beta? Does developing a physics-based game seem daunting? Game-making has never been easier on iOS since the introduction of SpriteKit.

"I know singletons are bad, but...", is something that developers often say when discussing code. There seems to almost be a consensus in the community that singletons are "bad", but at the same time both Apple and third party Swift developers keep using them both internally within apps and in shared frameworks.

From minimizing pointer use to strong type checking at compile time, Swift is a great language for secure development. But that means it's tempting to forget about security altogether. There are still vulnerabilities, and Swift is also enticing to new developers who haven't yet learned about security.