Unreal Engine 4 is a game engine created by Epic Games and available to the public for free. It is the 4th major version of the engine, following UE3. UE4 games are playable on PC, Mac, Linux, mobile, and next gen consoles, and the UE4 Editor can be run on PC, Mac, or Linux. Many well-known games have been created in Unreal Engine 4; a list of known titles is available here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Unreal_Engine_games

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Unreal Engine 4 is introducing many new developers & students into the industry. Use this guide to get you kick started and familiar with some of the great resources the community has developed for new and veteran developers alike.

Since we have access to the source code, it is possible to study the renderer source to see what it does, although it is quite a beast and rendering paths depend a lot on the context so a clean, low-level API call list will be easier to follow (looking into the code to fill in any missing gaps).