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When you find yourself looking for a code-sample that you could leverage for a task, you can trigger the new Bing Code Search experience directly from IntelliSense.

Here's a couple of quick settings you can change to make yourself feel much more at home in the Xamarin IDE.

A collection of Item Templates for Visual Studio 2012/2013 that makes any web developer's life much easier.

Have you ever been frustrated by slow debugging in Visual Studio? There are a lot of complex knobs that can affect the performance of any given application.

These are all in Visual Studio 2015, and some have been there for a few versions now so you’ll find them in previous versions of Visual Studio as well.

Here's some exceedingly useful stuff in Visual Studio that folks often miss.

Visual Studio has undergone some tremendous changes. New features are constantly being added and sometimes little things that make your life easier go unnoticed until you see someone else use them. Then you wonder how long you have been mugging yourself off by not using said feature.

If you have looked already at the Changes page of Team Explorer in Visual Studio 2019, you might have seen that it has a new Stashes section. It is shown in the screenshot below. But for what is that Stashes section?