Webpack is a bundler. Webpack takes modules with dependencies and generates static assets representing those modules.

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This article shows how Webpack could be used together with Visual Studio ASP.NET Core and Angular2.

JavaScript module bundling has been around for a while. RequireJS had its first commits in 2009, then Browserify made its debut, and since then several other bundlers have spawned across the Internet. Among that group, webpack has jumped out as one of the best.

The goal of this exercise is to start with the empty ASP.NET Core template and add just enough to have a basic ASP.NET Core MVC app with a home page that is styled with Bootstrap and can be deployed to production environments.

In this tutorial, we will explore how to setup a project using wepback right from the folder structure to exploring different loaders, plugins and other interesting features that come with webpack. This will give you a different perspective to webpack and you will help in setting up future Javascript projects using webpack.

This article explores the official Microsoft template for ASP.NET Core that uses Vue as its client-side framework and gets you started on using modern tooling and libraries like Webpack, Babel or hot-reload.